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Crochet pattern basic doll

Crochet pattern basic doll


In this blog post I like to share my doll with you. It’s a basic doll. You can customize it to your wishes. Soon a pattern for clothing will also be available.

In this tutorial I show you how I attached the hair to these dolls: hair tutorial
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This doll is made in one piece. You don’t have to sew on arms and legs. Continue reading “Crochet pattern basic doll”

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Kitty cat family crochet a long


Kitty Cat Family Crochet A Long

This cat family consists of a father, a mother and four little kittens.
In the coming six weeks I’ll publish a part of the pattern. At the end you can enjoy these lovely cats!

For the main color I used purple acrylic yarn. I used offwhite acrylic yarn for the second color. Of course you’re free to chose the yarn you like. Use the hook size that’s appropriate for that yarn.

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      • main color 650 meters / 710 yards
      • second color 480 meters /  524 yards
      • one little  skein of cotton, grey with glitter yarn
      • embroidery yarn: white, pink and lilac
      • 2 pairs of safety eyes 6 mm, black
      • 1 pair of safety eyes 8 mm, blue
      • 2 pairs of  sparkle safety eyes 12 mm, pink and silver
      • 12 beads 8 mm
      • hook size 3,5 mm
      • polyester stuffing
      • 2 pieces of pipe cleaner

The first part will be published on the March 3, 2017. Enjoy this kitty cat family crochet a long!


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Crochet a poncho with two rectangles

Crochet a poncho with two rectangles

I like poncho’s. They’re quite trendy at the moment, I even see them in the stores around here. Good news, because with this tutorial you can make any poncho you like!

When you make a poncho in the round, you have to think about what stitch to use and you have to think about the increasing. That can cause a lot of counting and frogging…
But when you make a poncho with two rectangles, you can use any stitch you like! It’s also easier to combine and switch between stitches.

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