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Pearly bun beanie crochet pattern

Pearly bun beanie crochet pattern

This bun beanie works up quite fast. Once you understand the pearl stitch I used, it’s very easy as well.

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Pearl stitch:
Watch my video tutorial: pearl stitch tutorial

Crochet dc
(Yarn over, place your hook behind the dc and pull up the yarn to the front)
Repeat twice.

Yarn over.
Pull the yarn through the first 6 loops on your chain.
Yarn over.
Pull through the remaining 2 loops.


Dk weight yarn.
Hook size 5,5 mm

I used the yarn shown in the picture. It says it’s meant for needle 4 – 4,5.
10 cm = 8 pearl stitches (so 8 pearl stitches and 8 stitches skipped)

The circumference of my hat is about 50 cm = 19,68 inches

If you want to adjust the pattern to other yarn, you have to make sure the number of stitches is dividable by 2.

pearly bun beanie materials

Abbreviations (US)
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
st = stitch
fpdc = front post double crochet
ps = pearl stitch

Pearly bun beanie crochet pattern.

Chain 30 and close to form a ring.
video: how to close a chain to a ring without twisting

Watch this video tutorial (turn on subtitles): video tutorial round 2-6
Each round is closed with a sl st in the first st of that round.
I will be increasing in rounds 3, 5 and 7. When you think the circumference is big enough for your beanie, you can stop the increasing sooner. After that you just continue with rounds of dc, and rounds of pearl stitches, until you reach the desired length for your beanie.
Note: until you stop the increasing, the beanie looks flat, not beanie-like. Once you crochet a few rounds after you stopped increasing, it start to look like a hat.

Round 1
Ch3, dc in each stitch around (30 dc)

Round 2

Ps in first stitch: ch 3 instead of dc and continue the pearl stitch like described or shown in the video tutorial. Skip next stitch.

(ps – skip next st) around. (15 ps)

Round 3
Ch3 and 1 dc in first stitch. (2 dc in each st) around. (60 dc)

Round 4
Repeat round 2 (30 ps)

Round 5
(dc in each of the next 4 sts – 2 dc in the next) around (72 dc)

Round 6
Repeat round 2 (36 ps)

Round 7
(dc in each of the next 5 st – 2 dc in next) around. (84 dc)

Round 8
Repeat round 2 (42 ps)

Round 9
1 dc in each st around (84 dc)

Round 10
Repeat round 2

Round 11
Repeat round 9

Round 12
Repeat round 2

Round 13
Repeat round 9

Round 14/15/16
(dc – fpdc) around.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

pearly bun beanie crochet pattern 2


    1. It’s called Fenna yarn, only available in a Dutch store. It does look the same as Nako Vals, I believe that’s available in more countries.

  1. Hello I really like this hat and tried to make it a few times.My count is always off.Could you clarify how your beginning each row. I know your slip stitch but what do you do after that? Chain up? At the end of each row how do you end it? Are there 2 pearl stitches together or bigger skip space at the end? I’m having trouble figuring it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello, thanks for your questions.
      The rows with only dc begin with chain 3. I Close them with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain.
      The first pearl stitch of a row is made with ch3 instead of a dc and continued like described in the first part of this pattern. (or shown in the video tutorial).
      The rows with pearl stitches are ended with ch1 after the last ps and you skip the last stitch of the row. Then you close with a slip stitch in the first ps. There is a little gap beteren the last and the first ps of the row, because you chained 1 and skipped a stitch.
      I hope this was helpful, if not or if you have other questions, please let me know!

  2. Just to clarify in the first row, you said to “Ch3, dc in the next and evers other st around (30 dc)”. Is it supposed to be one dc in each stitch around instead of every other stitch?

  3. Judy V again…I am now working round 9 of the pattern. My beanie seems to be flairng out instead of the rounded look of your pattern picture. Are there decreases that are not in the pattern as the list of used stitches list 2 dctog (2double crochet together) to get the rounded look? Thank you for your help I liked your video for the pearl stitch, was very helpful.

    1. Hello Judy, at round 9 my beanie was flaring too. Once I started round 10 and further, it got rounder. There are no more decreases. If you think it’s too flaring, you could do decreases in round 10, 11, 13. I hope this helps you! Thanks for the compliment on the video!

  4. Me again…you stated there are no more decreases…??? Where were the decreases? I didn’e see any in the pattern, I am confused and how many decreases would you make in rounds 10,11,13? I had put my beanie away because it didn’t seem to be looking like yours. I would really like to finish this pretty design pattern.

  5. Ths is still not working out correctly, still flairing out about 2″ too big in rounds , put on my head and can fold over like a sewing dart and then is right dimension. Am going to unravel and try to get it to work. I like the design wish it would work. Is anyone else having a problem with it flairing instead of rounding like a regular beanie? Help so frustrated!!!

  6. Im making this one and had to adjust it to my yarn but loving it. Im not understanding 14/15/16. Dc – bpdc. Can you explain a bit more please?

  7. I give up…have tried 3 times to get this pattern to work even did adjustments at round 7 and kept working with 72 sts instead of 84….no luck. Flair, flair flair, just got wider and wider there has to be decreases some where. I have ripped apart and rolled my yarn into a ball. At least I did learn the pearl stitch. So disappointed!!!

  8. I would like to find the Fenna yarn (or similar) used to make this Pearly Bun Beanie. I love the colors! Can you tell me where I could find it in the US?

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